Going Online: Battery Innovation Days


When companies are trying to unlock growth opportunities by embracing more sustainable behaviours, innovation seems to be the lever of choice to thrive through the energy transition.

Given CLERENS’ involvement in many of the different initiatives leading the European energy scenario, we decided to broaden opportunities for innovative change by organising an event that would bring together like-minded leading figures working in the field. The event was conceived as an opportunity to create a stage for exchange and brainstorming and unlock new innovative ideas that would strengthen the research in the European Battery landscape.

The Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), Batteries Europe and BATTERY 2030+, when approached by the CLERENS team, were thrilled by the idea of co-hosting what would become the largest and most influential conferences entirely dedicated to the Innovation of Batteries.

As the event quickly gained consensus from the European R&I scenario, the two new-born IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) decided to join the organisation board.

However, due to COVID-19 stay-at-home measures still in place and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic timeline, CLERENS was forced to review the event’s format.


If innovation is driving the energy transition, then digitalisation is most certainly powering such a trend. As the oscillating virus’ effects challenged the event industry, CLERENS decided to adapt and embrace the online world: we organised the first edition of the Battery Innovation Days event fully digital.

The first edition of the Battery Innovation Days debuted on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 and ended on Thursday, 25 November 2021. A lot of ground was covered across the 17 sessions, which included high-quality debates on the sustainability of the battery value chain, future disruptive technologies, research in the automotive industry, smart battery functionalisation, and much more.

Although in-person interaction remains highly valuable, CLERENS and all co-organising partners were able to reap some untapped benefits that had never been explored before during physical events.


The first edition of the Battery Innovation Days online event registered more than 1500 professionals coming from all over the globe who logged in over the three days of the event to hear more than 100 knowledgeable speakers across 17 different sessions

27 exhibitors presented their innovations and projects, too, contributing to the R&I roadmap towards a more competitive and sustainable EU battery value chain, while numerous networking sessions were offered to enable connections among leading figures in the battery industry.

Not only did the event allow participants to obtain first-hand information on the long-term R&I roadmap and latest research findings from the European battery industry, but it also brought a fresh take with the presentation during one of the sessions of the Battery Young Research Awardee on surface degradation mechanisms and reactivity of Ni-rich NMC materials.

Recognised as an outstanding success by the European Commission, the Battery Innovation Days conference proves the shared interest and effort to strengthen the European R&I battery ecosystem.