MUSE GRIDS – Communication and Dissemination Activities


Within its activities of association management performed for EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy, CLERENS is also in charge of planning and performing their work in EU-funded projects. In 2018, EASE had participated in the proposal drafting of MUSE GRIDS, a Horizon2020 lighthouse project focusing on energy system integration in energy communities.

In the Consortium of partners, EASE would be leading the Work Package related to communication and dissemination activities, an important module of work of Horizon2020 projects, crucial to increase their visibility and maximise results, scientific et non. CLERENS, therefore, took the lead in suggesting a program of activities that could be performed within the work package of communication and dissemination of the project, taking into account all possible needs during the project’s lifetime, for the purpose of submitting the proposal. Once submitted and funded, the project started, and CLERENS ensured the implementation of the activities agreed upon.


A consistent communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement plan was developed in the first months of the project, identifying the different audiences that MUSE GRIDS could communicate to, a series of goals to be achieved within the project duration and how to do so through different instruments. The team working on the project identified a style of communication and dissemination that could also mirror the project’s characteristics: as it focuses on the technical and non-technical aspects of energy communities, it was important to have a friendly and people-centred approach, using language able to convey technical aspects to common citizens, focusing on the social benefits of community energy and renewables, and engaging in synergies with similar projects.

Once the plan was delivered and approved by the project partners and the European Commission, CLERENS created the project’s visual identity and communication material such as a video, leaflets and posters, collaborated with partners for the development of the project’s website and its content, created social media accounts for the project and started working on the engagement of diverse stakeholders, ranging from EU policymakers to citizens.


Now in its third year, MUSE GRIDS has achieved most goals delineated in its original communication and dissemination plan, thanks to the work led by EASE which involved all Consortium partners. CLERENS, on behalf of EASE, has since then managed the project’s website and social media accounts sent periodic newsletters and organised or coordinated the participation of MUSE GRIDS in several events, in Europe and in Asia.

The project counts with a relevant base of followers on social media, a consistent number of website visits, and has established a group of sister projects with whom it often engages in different events and initiatives, such as the European Sustainable Energy Week or BRIDGE H2020. MUSE GRIDS has received appreciation and compliments from the European Commission on its communication and dissemination activities since its start and will keep being proactive in order to reach as many stakeholders as possible.

You can learn more about the project here.