A look ahead: European funding for energy, mobility and environment

A look ahead: European funding for energy, mobility and environment

We asked CLERENS Business Development Director, Thomas Otuszewski, which are the main developments we can expect when it comes to European funding for energy, mobility and environment sectors.

In 2023, thanks to the political impetus given in recent years, European funding will be multiplied to enable the various sectors of activity to face the challenges that lie ahead.

If Horizon Europe remains one of the big drivers for R&D efforts with different application windows in 2023, other tools are added to this. The Innovation Fund in the first place continues to evolve, allowing more projects to be funded. While the large-scale call will close in March before reopening at the end of 2023, the small-scale call will allow innovative projects to scale up and move the European economy forward in its efforts to decarbonise the economy.

Low TRL projects are not left out with the EIC which through the Pathfinder, the EIC transition and accelerator will continue to support breakthrough technologies.

Other tools exist. Stakeholders will have to pay particular attention to the recovery plan and its implementation in the Member States, while other opportunities in the INTERREG programme and the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst will continue to support innovative players at European level.

“In 2023, the energy, mobility and environment sectors, therefore, have all the necessary tools to finance their projects… provided they know where to look…”. Do not know where to look? Then get in touch with us.