Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Author: Timothée Perruchoud, Thomas Otuszewski, Egle Kareckaite 

After the success of the Horizon 2020 funding programme, the EU is moving on to its new research and innovation framework, Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is a part of the EU’s long-term Multiannual Financial Framework, and its total budget amounts to €95.5 billion, to be spent between 2021-27.

Horizon Europe

  • Tackles climate change.
  • Helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth.
  • Facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges.
  • Supports the creation and better diffusion of excellent knowledge and technologies.
  • Creates jobs, fully engages the EU’s talent pool, and optimises investment impact within a strengthened European Research Area.



Horizon Europe Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Horizon Europe’s Cluster 5 contains funding calls aimed at fighting climate change by increasing the sustainability and competitiveness of the European energy supply and transport industry. The Climate, Energy and Mobility cluster has a €15.123 billion budget, including €1.35 billion from the Next Generation Eu programme.

This cluster consists of six destinations:

The main topics covered by the calls include research on climate change matters and mitigation solutions, improving the advice given to policymakers on climate issues, supporting activities leading towards climate mitigation and carbon removal through technological and natural means.

Funding range per project: €2-10 million

Total budget for destination: €272 million

The main topics covered span the entire battery value chain, from raw materials to advanced high-performance batteries as well as processing, manufacturing and recycling process development. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainability to create smart, competitive and digitalised batteries.

Funding range per project: €2-20 million

Total budget for destination: €383.5 million

The main topics covered include innovation across the energy value chains, improving the flexibility and digitalisation of the energy grid, ensuring circularity (recycling of renewable energy materials) and marketability of renewable energy systems, and developing cost-effective energy storage solutions. There is also a significant focus on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage.

Funding range per project: €1-55 million

Total budget for destination: €1194.3 million

The topics covered circle around the energy efficiency of buildings, such as ensuring better use of energy in buildings and industries, increasing the use of renewable energy in homes and buildings, retrofitting, and developing smart buildings.

Funding range per project: €0.5-14 million

Total budget for destination: €241 million

The calls cover zero-emission freight transport, advanced power electronics and smart charging for electric vehicles, mobility life cycle assessment and circularity, and lowering greenhouse gas and air pollution resulting from aviation and ships.

Funding range per project: €0.5-25 million

Total budget for destination: €499 million

The calls largely focus on the safety, physical and digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and resilience, demonstration, coordination and socio-economic and environmental impacts of vehicles as related to the Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility Partnership. Other topics cover climate neutrality of freight transport, resilient and sustainable inland waterways, and low-emission transport infrastructure.

Funding range per project: €3-23 million

Total budget for destination: €371 million


Each call for the project has a specific budget. Horizon Europe has kept the attractive funding model of Horizon 2020, including up to a 100% funding rate of direct costs. Most types of action receive 100% direct costs in funding and an additional 25% of indirect costs. For innovation actions, profit-making entities receive 70% of direct costs and an additional 25% of indirect costs in funding.

You can find more information about Horizon Europe here.

Who We Are

CLERENS is a leading public affairs and communications consultancy based in Brussels. We are specialised in public funding and project management. We have in-depth expertise in the energy, environment, climate, and mobility sectors.

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CLERENS accompanies you throughout your project, from start to finish. We support you in defining your project, identifying the needs and relevant EU funding opportunities for your project. We assist you with the application process by writing the proposal and submitting it to the relevant institution. CLERENS helps you in building and managing the consortium, supporting you in the negotiations and in your relations with the partners of the project.

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Our Success Stories

Currently, we are involved in more than 10 EU-funded projects. 66% of the projects CLERENS participated in are funded while the general success rate of Horizon 2020 was only 12%.

We take the lead on numerous communication aspects of the projects. We manage the internal communication and coordination of the activities. We have written and submitted EuroChem’s proposal for the Nerina project.

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