How To Stay Motivated And Productive During Covid-19 Pandemic

How To Stay Motivated And Productive During Covid-19 Pandemic

The rapid spread of Covid-19 caused a sudden shift to remote work all around the world. Yet, as working remotely offers many advantages, it is a circumstance that many of us are not used to. What are the main challenges we face? What are the things we miss the most? What are we learning from this experience? We may not have the perfect survival guide, but we are happy to share a selection of the solutions we implemented. We hope it could help you to cope with these strange changing times.


Humans do not just like social life, they need it. For this reason, facing this new reality may reveal to be harder than expected. For some, remaining focused and productive can become a challenge. Our new home offices often lack the right setup and team interaction. As such, it is important to take time to create the right conditions for success and wellbeing, this way promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

This may include creating a new routine, planning your day, designing a homemade workspace or simply “sitting on a slightly uncomfortable chair in order not to get too relaxed,”.


Things that are normally a part of our daily routine may no longer happen, the line between professional and private life may blur and the stress of being physically distant from our colleagues can take a toll. In order to help relieve stress and keep creativity alive, try to set a schedule and connect with your colleagues, choosing a call over a regular email. This will help you remain focused on your goals and deliver on time while having a big picture of your team’s work.

If you are a coffee lover, you will like this one. Some staff teams around the world have created virtual coffee groups, reading clubs, and set up fun activities to share with their colleagues in their spare time. There is another life essential that binds us together: food! To replace the big team lunches where you connect with your coworkers in a more personal and deep level, you can organise distant dinners or lunches. If you haven’t tried a team activity yet, bring it up to your group!


From creating a new routine to reconnecting with newfound activities and independence, the life lessons we’re picking up from quarantine are interestingly teaching us more about ourselves. Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is essential to a healthy lifestyle, especially in these unprecedented circumstances.

Stumbling onto new activities, from learning how to use new software, to trying new recipes or exercising, can kickstart a process that can bring long term benefits for your private and professional life.

This is the right time to “reconnect with things we enjoy and stay positive.” Yet, there is no doubt this comes with challenges and hardships, but it is up to us to choose to cultivate the positive.