Energy Storage on Islands Workshop


EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy came to CLERENS with the request of organising 2 events in the general assembly of the association on the subjects that will have added value to the sector.

Islands face unique challenges in terms of ensuring secure and cost-effective energy supply. Many islands have been early adopters of renewables and have seen some of the world’s first deployments of energy storage projects.

After conducting some research with energy storage experts, CLERENS decided to organise the Energy Storage on Islands workshop that will demonstrate the main challenges and opportunities for decarbonisation of islands, both from a policy and technical point of view, and to increase the revenue for EASE.


CLERENS decided to organise a workshop to talk about the latest advances in energy storage technologies, assess the energy storage applications and business cases on islands, and propose policy recommendations to ensure a faster roll-out of innovative solutions to support the island decarbonisation agenda.

CLERENS identified speakers and relevant stakeholder and managed logistic and marketing of the event as well as organising an opening dinner to enable the participants to network.


The workshop had over 80 participants and 15 speakers with high satisfaction from the participants with the quality of information presented, logistics and organisation. The speakers explored cutting-edge storage projects from around the world, covering Bermuda, Greece, Italy, France, the Canary Islands, Orkney Islands (Scotland), and Taiwan, among others.

4 focus groups organised on the topics of energy storage technologies and applications, financing and business cases, policy support and local buy-in, insights for decarbonisation and interconnected systems. The recommendations issued by the participants in the focus groups were translated into policy messages to be integrated into EASE communications and advocacy strategy.

CLERENS is the event organiser of the behalf of EASE.

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