State of the Union: Together towards a Green Deal Made in Europe

State of the Union: Together towards a Green Deal Made in Europe

Ursula von der Leyen’s recent State of the European Union address brought forth a vision for a sustainable future built on a strong European industry. Three key highlights stood out:

Support for Green Industries: President von der Leyen emphasised the pivotal role of key strategic industries like wind and batteries in achieving the Green Deal’s objectives. This commitment aligns perfectly with our mission to promote sustainability and innovation.

Budget for STEP: Her urging of the Parliament to agree on the budget for the Sustainable Transition Enhancement Program (STEP) underscores the EU’s dedication to making sustainable transitions a reality. It’s an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

Welcoming Dialogues: We’re thrilled to see President von der Leyen’s openness to dialogues with key strategic sectors. Effective collaboration with industry stakeholders is essential, and trade associations will play a crucial role as partners in these dialogues.

However, while dialogues are essential, they must be complemented with concrete action. At CLERENS, we understand that words alone won’t drive progress. We’re committed to turning discussions into tangible outcomes that drive sustainability forward.

President von der Leyen aptly stated, “When Europe gets bold, it gets things done.” We couldn’t agree more. We invite all stakeholders to be bold, engage in these dialogues with the EU, and drive sustainable change. CLERENS and the trade associations we support stand ready to facilitate these essential conversations, fostering collaboration, driving innovation and creating better policy TOGETHER.

Let’s seize this opportunity to shape a greener, more sustainable future for all. 💚🌍 Join us in being bold and making a difference!